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New Tejano Station in the RGV

Que Pasa has changed formats, BUT there is a new Tejano Station in the RGV, Super Tejano 102.1.

Border Media launches the Rio Grande Valley’s newest station, “Super Tejano — Where Tejano Lives,” replacing Rhythmic Country KPRR-FM on 102.1 and Adult Hits KZSP-FM on 95.3. The station began broadcasting its new Tejano format on August 15 and targets Adults 25-54

Read more via RADIO ONLINE ®.

Click on the image to go to Super Tejano's Facebook page

San Antonio now has a Conjunto station in FM! (via Conjunto music y más)

A friend of mine Double EE called me up about a new FM Conjunto station in San Anto.  I immediately went to my radio and heard Chano Cadena and Mickey y sus Carnales on FM!   It turns out that KROB in Corpitos (Corpus Christi) is sending its signal into San Antonio by way of 102.3 on your FM dial. So if you are in the San Anto area just tune in to hear some great Conjunto music! Now San Anto has two great Conjunto stations KROB and KEDA 1540, and … Read More

via Conjunto music y más

Two new Tejano Internet Radio stations….

Listen to Emilio’s KXTN interview on

I only recently discovered this site. Click HERE to go to the Emilio Interview, click HERE to go to the main page to check out the site, it’s a good one ot bookmark.

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Tune in or log in to KXTN for an interview with Emilio Thursday 7-15-2010

As you probably know by now, Emilio is BACK! 
You don’t want to miss his first interview in over 2 years, so tune in to the Jonny Ramirez In the Morning show (or listen online) tomorrow (7-15-2010) morning.

Click HERE to listen to KXTN online:

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New Tejano Internet station…. Tejano Power…


Click on the image to listen

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New Tejano Radio show Sundays in DFW on Ft Worth station 87.7 Radio La Ley?

la leyAll I know is what I’ve read in some reposts on My Space bulletins.  I don’t know who posted the original post. so I  haven’t been able to confirm it.  This is what I’ve seen reposted:



LA LEY 87.7




As you can see the post does not mention a starting date, so I guess all we can do is tune in on Sundays to see if they are playing Tejano Music.

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A radio show featuring the ladies of La Onda….

The following is a message posted by “Stars Above Texas”

stars above texas logo

20 shows

360 songs

125 different female latina artists

music from 1930’s to 2009

listen at:






hola to all latina lady entertainers, please note

the success of this program depends on
all the girls working together to get the word out
of perhaps the most beautiful radio series
ever designed!!!

please do your part in help promote yourself
and all your fellow female performers

please send this announcement out to all your fan-bases,
friends & familia, myspaces, facebooks, twitters,
media outlets, message boards & blogs, chat rooms,
fellow musicians, labels executives, and all of your
other industry resources.
feel free to use the attached logos
and hyperlinks to post on your websites.

30 years in the making
the time has finally arrived
an internet radio show
specially designed to spotlight
the often overlooked and underestimated
incredible and amazing talents
of lovely latina females
and their contributions to la musica.

featured will be
the pioneers, the legends
the unsung heroines & hidden treasures.
plus of course the undiscoverd jewels of today
the aspiring and deserved vocalists,
entertainers, musicians, songwriters, & producers
of the latin music industry

never even listened to
too many times the industry has put your music
on the bottom shelf, never even to be listened to
or considered by program directors.
but now finally we have a show
that will highlight the great undiscovered talents of all the
chicas, mujeras, y damas.

please be patient
be sure and listen to each show to see
when your song(s) will be featured.
there are 20 shows with different musical themes
to help give exposure to all the ladies.
at least one and up to seven of your songs
will played on the various shows.

make a roar!!!
get the whole famila, fanbase, and your business associates
to listen and send in their comments
to our internet sponsor steven chavez at:
lets make him aware that the ladies produce the best damn
(and beautiful) music period…

now is your time. now you will shine!!!!

if you are a latin female performer
and would like to host a future show please contact me
at the # or email below

yours wholeheartedly,
saul barbosa
creator & producer
stars above texas music

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Tejano Classic Radio Show…. check it out….

tejanoclassic radio showClick on the image to go to the site (you can also find the link on the sidebar under “Tejano Radio Online).  Thanks to Randy for providing the link in my “Suggestion Box“.

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George Strait being played on Tejano Radio?

George Strait’s latest CD includes the song “El Rey” and Jonny Ramirez has been playing it on KXTN.  Click on the image to go to the Jonny Ramirez in the Morning website to listen to it.

George Strait

“I’ve loved mariachi music for years, and although I’m not fluent in Spanish, I’ve been trying to get better,” Strait says. “‘El Rey’ has been a favorite song of mine for years, and I request it every chance I get. So I decided to give it a shot. What a blast that was. I had a version by the great Vicente Fernandez. I played it for the guys, and we worked it out. I think it turned out great, and I hope the real mariachis like it. That will be the real test.”

Title: Twang
Release date: 11 August, 2009
Record label: MCA Nashville

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Tejano airplay on the rise in the Rio Grande Valley…. new FM Tejano station… and Que Pasa 99.5 “going Puro Tejano”?

I had read a few weeks ago that there was a new Tejano FM station in the RGV called Tejano Powerhouse.  I was going to put the info on here, but unfortunately the post that I read it on scrolled off the board (Tejano Journal).  Since then I’ve seen a couple of people post that they listened to it and that it sounded good, but no information about what type of Tejano format it has, nor the call letters or where it is on the dial, so if you live in the Valley , you’ll just have to search the dial to see if you can find it.  If I find out any more information, I’ll post it here.

                                                               In the meantime, I’m reading reports on the Tejano Journal that Que Pasa 99.5 in McAllen (which had been playing a mix of Tejano and Regional Mexican), has “gone Tejano”.   There is a slogan on their website that reads Your Numero Uno For Tejano,  and I’ve checked their playlist on  and it does indeed look like they are now playing about 90% Tejano , (that is for those of us who include International Tejano,  and Tejano Norteno Hybrid music along with the “Puro Tejano”, in our defintition of Tejano) but still  throwing a tad of Regional Mexican.   This “inclusive” playlist, playing a VARIETY of Tejano music, the kind of variety like we used to hear on Tejano Radio back in the 90s,  (and I don’t even mind a smattering of Regional Mexican)  , in my opinion is the way all Tejano stations need to go, because in the past few years the stations which have been lost are the ones who tried to narrow the definition of Tejano Music , causing fans to tune out, especially those of us who came on board during the “Glory Days of the 90s”.   The larger the audience, the more people will be exposed to La Onda, to all of it.

Click here to go to Que Pasa’s Website where you can also listen ONLINE.
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Tejano back on the airwaves in Austin as of today 9-29-2008, and a little more info on the “New” Tejano FM station in Houston….

I’ve got to say that it’s a little frustrating how vague the information is about both of these stations, but here is what I have gathered so far.

Tejano Music is now being played on KTXZ 1560 AM in Austin, and I’m not sure if it is already being simulcast on 95.1 FM yet, not finding much information online.  The only information I have found was at Radio Online, which you can read by clicking HERE  (I’d copy it but it says not to reproduce in any form ;-)    )

Now on the Houston station, what I am gathering from posts on the Tejano Journal and Univision’s Tejano 980 message board, is that basicly Tejano 980 (whose signal has been sold) is just moving to another Univision station that happens to be an FM signal,  105.3 FM , which according to reports is as weak as the AM signal , but oh well, at least there will still be a Tejano Station in Houston after 980 goes to another format.

New Tejano FM station in Houston !


Someone had posted on the Tejano Journal that Houston was going to be getting a new FM station, and I had heard that it was already broadcasting, but I don’t live in Houston so that’s all I know . If you live in Houston, check it out, you can also click here to go to their new MySpace.