Tejano Awarness Board or TAB (or now TAB II) is back……

Or at least it will be by Tomorrow 3-9-2009!sitetabii
The following is the message posted by Tejano Mike:
The revised TAB II will return back to the Internet on Monday morning, March 09, 2009! New members will have to register in order to login and post, however if you were a member before?, you are set to go! … your previous ID and Password will still be active! Welcome back! TEJANOmike & DJ John.

If you are not already a member, I urge you to join this forum.  I’d love to see some REGULAR fans like me posting on there.  This is a forum consisting mostly of industry folks , and mostly from the same school which is cool but  what Mike likes  to see is an exchange of ideas and POVS coming from different perspectives. from those who support all the different segments of La Onda.

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One response to “Tejano Awarness Board or TAB (or now TAB II) is back……

  1. It appears registration is required. Those surfing the net for information on Tejano music, as I was several years ago, will be shut out of the discussion. I predict maybe a half dozen people will participate.

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