Historia de Luis Silva

I found this nice video of the history of Tejano songwriter Luis Silva:

Narrated by Danny Garcia
Written by Ramon Hernandez
Produced by: Chano Elizondo and Jorge Flores
Born Luis Antonio Cabana Silva, in San Antonio Texas on the 5th of November 1943, a true romantic and rock and roller at heart, Luis Silva Tejano Musics most honored songwriter wrote his first song at age 15 for one of his Fox Tech High School Sweethearts, You dont seem to want me was recorded and released in 1959 and enjoyed great local success. Two years later he would write his first Spanish language song Como quieres que te olvide and the course was set for Luis. He honed his songwriting skills as he went from musician to record promoter over the next two decades. He had been heavily influenced by the likes of Mexicos Golden Era music greats like Antonio Agulilar and Javier Soliz who peformed at the Alameda and Nacional Theaters managed by his father Juan Silva. In 1976 Luis would meet a little known band called Something Different and the Tejano Music world became the vehicle for expressing his talent. Something Different became el grupo Mazz Luis partnered with Bob Grever of Cara Records and the stage was set for one of the most prolific and successful songwriters in the history of Tejano music.
His songs have been recorded the Crème de la Crème of Tejano music Mazz, La Mafia, Gary Hobbs, Laura Canales, David Mares, Ram Herrera, La Fiebre and the list goes on.
His hits included “Laura Ya No Vive Aqui,” “Ahora Quiero que me Quieras,” “Ayer y Hoy,” “No quiero Olvidarte Otra Vez,” (Mazz) “Boulevard de Suenos” (Fama), “Te Voy a ensenar a Querer,” (Gary Hobbs)”Entre mas Lejos me Vaya,” (David Marez), “Borracho de Besos,” (La Fiebre);. Silva also wrote the song “Somos Hermanos,” for the historic 1985 Tejanos for Hunger Aid CD project. Luis holds the records for the most (seven) consecutive songwriter of the year honors at the annual Tejano Music Awards – During his long and arduous career he helped develop and promote a slew of bands including La Mafia, Mazz, David Lee Garza, Selena, Emilio, Ram Herrera and others.
But Luis was more than just a song writer, he was according to his children a “kind and loving man who always took time to spend with his family. Friends remember him for his fun positive outlook and a great sense of humor. Luis Silva lived and breathed music and entertainment; he attributed his song writing gift to God yet it was the romantic side of Luis that gave us his best material.
Luis Silva will forever have a very special place in the hearts of all those who Love and Enjoy Tejano Music. We remember and Honor Luis Silva.

For more information on this legendary Tejano songwriter, click on the following links:

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