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PBS’s Latin Music USA/The Chicano Wave… great overview of La Onda but with one GLARING error…

Click on the image to view the video

Click on the image to view the video

If you saw the blog I posted of the video promo for this series, I mentioned that I wondered if La Onda would be portrayed accurately. I have to say that I was surprised that Tejano got as much coverage as it did (I figured it would just get a little bit of a mention like Durengense did) , and of course with so many genres being covered , you cannot mention everyone who played a major role in a genre’s history. The segment about Little Joe was fascinating as was Flaco’s segment, both were very insightful. Then they skip all the way to Selena in the late 1980s. As Selena is being introduced a statement is being made that “Tejano had become hugely popular in the Southwest” (with no mention as to how it got so popular). Don’t get me wrong , I loved Selena. She is an icon and deserves all the accolades she gets, and the recognition for her accomplishments which were plenty, and one cannot cover Tejano History without covering Selena. The problem that I have with the way Tejano History of the 1990s has been written is that articles with some inaccuracies that were written in the aftermath of her death are treated as historical documents ( and used as reference matieral), giving her credit for ushering in the “Glory Days of the 90s” and “opening the door” to Mexico for everyone else, credit that belongs to her dear friends La Mafia. credit that belongs to THE band who took her under their wings at the age of 12 and packaged her with themselves to open shows for them .     This travesty has been going on for almost 15 years, as inaccurate quotes from those articles continue to be requoted year after year, and PBS fell into the same trap.   Their research seems to be pretty accurate for everything else, but oh man, they show a 15 second blurb of La Mafia’s “Nadie” video , w/o even a caption showing their name (of course , to most Latin Music fans they need no introduction)  and as it is showing that blurb the narration states: “As Selena’s star rose the Tejano Music Scene exploded” as if  all the credit for that explosion belongs solely to her.  Then it makes it sound like she was responsible for the big labels coming in, (they were already there otherwise Jose Behar would not have been at that TTMA award show) , and states that “every band had a new bus, new outfits, light shows etc….  ( La Mafia had been the first Tejano band to put on rock style shows complete with pyrotetics way back in the 80s).  The narration continues to say that overnight that Tejano Music was becoming the “Next Big Thing” with “Selena at the helm”, there may be some truth ,  she may have been at the helm with La Mafia as she was running neck and neck with them on the Billboard Charts, BUT she had yet to surpass them in sales, that did not occur until after her tragic death.

I will go into more depth in a later blog about Selena and La Mafia.

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As FAMA enters a new era, it’s time for a new website….

Click on the image to go to FAMA's new official site

Click on the image to go to FAMA's new official site

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A site that those of you in and around Brazoria County (including Houston) should bookmark….

Click on the image to go to the site

Click on the image to go to the site

If you live in or around Brazoria County, this is a good site to keep up with.  Quartermoon puts on some BIG TEJANO EVENTS in the small towns,   most of which are in venues where you can bring the entire family.  Most of these events are just an hour away from H-town, and feature the biggest names in the industry (along with some of the best up and coming bands).  I guarantee you it is well worth a road trip to attend any event that Quartermoon puts on.

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New Tejano Radio show Sundays in DFW on Ft Worth station 87.7 Radio La Ley?

la leyAll I know is what I’ve read in some reposts on My Space bulletins.  I don’t know who posted the original post. so I  haven’t been able to confirm it.  This is what I’ve seen reposted:



LA LEY 87.7




As you can see the post does not mention a starting date, so I guess all we can do is tune in on Sundays to see if they are playing Tejano Music.

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Check out some awesome HQ videos I just found on You Tube from the Bud Light Concert Series in Dallas, Bobby and Roberto Pulido together… and Michael Salgado…

It’s been a couple of months since the Bud Light Series, but I just found these videos. 

The You Tube User Monichiva, has several more from the series , mostly of Bobby 😉 so you might want to go over to her channel and watch them all in HQ.

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Differences between Conjunto and Orquesta

This interesting excerpt from an interview with Tejano archivist Ramon Hernandez was just posted on You Tube Today.

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A radio show featuring the ladies of La Onda….

The following is a message posted by “Stars Above Texas”

stars above texas logo

20 shows

360 songs

125 different female latina artists

music from 1930’s to 2009

listen at:






hola to all latina lady entertainers, please note

the success of this program depends on
all the girls working together to get the word out
of perhaps the most beautiful radio series
ever designed!!!

please do your part in help promote yourself
and all your fellow female performers

please send this announcement out to all your fan-bases,
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fellow musicians, labels executives, and all of your
other industry resources.
feel free to use the attached logos
and hyperlinks to post on your websites.

30 years in the making
the time has finally arrived
an internet radio show
specially designed to spotlight
the often overlooked and underestimated
incredible and amazing talents
of lovely latina females
and their contributions to la musica.

featured will be
the pioneers, the legends
the unsung heroines & hidden treasures.
plus of course the undiscoverd jewels of today
the aspiring and deserved vocalists,
entertainers, musicians, songwriters, & producers
of the latin music industry

never even listened to
too many times the industry has put your music
on the bottom shelf, never even to be listened to
or considered by program directors.
but now finally we have a show
that will highlight the great undiscovered talents of all the
chicas, mujeras, y damas.

please be patient
be sure and listen to each show to see
when your song(s) will be featured.
there are 20 shows with different musical themes
to help give exposure to all the ladies.
at least one and up to seven of your songs
will played on the various shows.

make a roar!!!
get the whole famila, fanbase, and your business associates
to listen and send in their comments
to our internet sponsor steven chavez at:
lets make him aware that the ladies produce the best damn
(and beautiful) music period…

now is your time. now you will shine!!!!

if you are a latin female performer
and would like to host a future show please contact me
at the # or email below

yours wholeheartedly,
saul barbosa
creator & producer
stars above texas music

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