So did AB and Cruz really kiss and make up?

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Apparently this is old news, the article on the Univision site is dated October 2009, and according to the article they have been talking since May,  so who knows if it’s still on or not, what can I say, with AB you never know.   I can’t believe that I’m just now stumbling onto this information and that I haven’t heard anyone talking about it.  They seem to be keeping a low profile, so we shall see what develops in 2010 between these two.

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5 responses to “So did AB and Cruz really kiss and make up?

  1. Do A.B. y Cruz have X-Ray vision? A.B. apparently can see through his hat and Cruz through his dark glasses.

  2. I had a chance to listen to samples of the new CD. Pee Wee’s voice is run through some sort of weird processing that I call the yodel-machine. The vocals sound like the last two Kumbia Allstarz albums. (Recordings by Cher and Aaron Carter have similar vocal processing.) Pee Wee’s CD has a lot of uptempo dance tunes with acordeon on some of the tracks. I think I will order it this week.

  3. It appears that Pee Wee is fine. He has a new compact disc called “Yo Soy”.

    As you recall, I was appalled that A.B. never gave the kid credit for his vocals on “Planeta Kumbia”.

    • Yeah, I don’t see much about PeeWee in the Tejano Internet Community but I have seen a couple of video clips on You Tube and it looks like he is doing very well for himself.

  4. I used to enjoy chatting with you about Kumbia Wars on the old Tejano Awareness Board.

    I have not been following the war recently. I hope Pee Wee has recovered from his battle injuries.

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