The very first video recorded by a Tejano artist: Patsy Torres “Lover to Lover”

I was just surfing around on You Tube under Tejano Music and found this video. The description states Vintage Patsy Torres music video Lover to Lover. First music video ever recorded by a Tejano artist and the first to be played on MTV”. It doesn’t give the year, going by the big hair and the outfits, I’d guess somewhere between the late 80s and around 1990.

Seeing this video made me want to learn more about Patsy. The best bio I could find on her is the one on the CD Universe site, quite an impressive bio, makes me wonder why we don’t hear more about her. Click HERE (and then click on “full description” to read it).

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3 responses to “The very first video recorded by a Tejano artist: Patsy Torres “Lover to Lover”

  1. Yes, it’s true Gringz. Not about the “CRUSH”, but the lack of CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE. LOL.

    Patsy Torres, as the “industry” goes, really didn’t really have too many CD’s on the market, comparitively speaking. Patsy’s real strength was in her ability to land good gigs in the private sector. In this often unfair business of entertainment, you have survive how ever you can, where ever you find a niche, as it’s called.

    She found a way to get gigs at other venues, if none were available to most women in the typical club scene environment. For example, she has had a special HIGH SCHOOL show that she’s been doing since 1992. She has a special show for high schools, and plays for the young students all over the place.

    So, that’s why you probably hadn’t heard much about her. She also had unsual gigs like playing for the State of Colorado political inauguarions of Senators, etc.

    Plus, Patsy is very close to obtaining her PHD in Education. So, she’s been busy in her other life, as well. All she lacks for her degree is her dissertation.

    I read thatinformation today, in a Magazine called “SA STREET LIFE”, given to me by Ramon Hernandez, the long-time photographer and Tejano Historian, who once served as Selena’s Publicist. Ramon has, for 45 years or more, been an entertainment reporter and historian. He has more pictures and autographs, and memorabilia, than the Smithsonian.

    Ramon, called me a few weeks ago, as part of his research for his recent stories, and he discovered, that I won the MARCONI, and wondered why he had not read about it in any newspaper. LOL.

    Anyway, he’s the real deal. He has more Tejano History, and more Latin entertainment history than anyone I know. He showed me pictures of him and Julio Iglesias, and his gold medallion given to him by Sammy Davis Jr, who had a HISPANIC last name.

    Ramon showed me an old “ALBUM” by Andy Russell, who’s real name was ANDRES Reyes, or something like that. LOL.

    Anyway, Patsy is gonna receive her high honor this January 30th at the TEJANO ROOTS hall of fame, in Alice, Texas. Congratulations to Patsy Torres, adn that God, for People like Ramon Hernandez, and Gringz, who chronicle the history of our onda, to give credit where credit is due, as a matter of fact, not fiction.

    Albert Calvo

  2. I’m happy that you “discovered” Patsy Torres. Pasty, and her sister (Cindy) started as Trumpet players at my high school, back in the mid seventies. 1974-76, at Thomas Jefferson High School, in San Antonio.

    Patsy was the first Trumpet in the Jefferson Marching Band, while I was the photographer and public information officer in the ROTC.

    In those days, The Jefferson band, ROTC, Basketball and Speech teams were all in the STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS, and we won all of them.

    Patsy, and many other students from Jefferson in those days, were all very successful. Some of our classmates are now lawyers, doctors, Businesmen and women, and many other talented people from that era from Jefferson High School.

    What other details would you like? Deeper, and deeper? Well, ok. When Patsy and I were in the ninth grade, our Life Science Teacher, “MR. BROWN”, once found a painting of a beautiful horse, which I had painted for Patsy. He asked me “WHAT ARE YOU DOING”?

    I said, “I have painted something special for Patsy, her nickname is “pony”. She loved it.

    Ask me anything you want.


    • Actually , I didn’t just “discover” Patsy, I remember her hit “Te Juro” back when I first started listening to Tejano, and then she just kinda disappeared from the scene, so I didn’t know much about her. The bio on her is very impressive, didn’t know she had accomplished so much, but then again the Tejano Industry is not real big on giving credit where credit is due. Kewl Story , aww, Albert had a crush on Patsy 😉

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