Ricky Smith planning a comeback with a “2010 Life Tour” and a new CD…..

Since I only stumbled onto the Tejano Scene in late 1994,  I never had a chance to see Ricky Smith and La Movida.  I remember back in the mid 90s the song “Cada Noche” was a big hit on KICK FM in Dallas, and asking a friend what CD that song was on because I really liked the song and wanted to hear more about what that band sounded like and being told that it wasnt a new song, and since I wasnt online back then, I had no way to research it.    

Well, Ricky Smith is back in Corpus and planning a tour.  Click on the image below  to visit his website , where you can listen to some clips and read his bio (its quite impressive) .

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8 responses to “Ricky Smith planning a comeback with a “2010 Life Tour” and a new CD…..

  1. Victoria Castaneda

    Hey compared Ricky its me Vicky in detoit am glad to hear that You are doing good. Love You so much your music is still alive here at home. Thanks for everything You have done for me and Krystle. I have nothing but good memories with You and family tell everyone that we said hello call sometime 313 879 9040

  2. Hey, Ricky! This is Debra from Aransas Passs. I used to date Willie Escobedo when you lived in Gregory. we used to go watch you practice in an empty house.
    It’s great to see your music history and that you are celebrating your 30 yearr anniversary. I love your music and listen to you on 107.5 in San Antonio. God bless and keep up doing what you do best . . . music!

  3. Domingo Rosales

    Hey Ricky ! You probably don’t remember me, but I’m glad to here that your back in Tx. Welcome Home !!!

  4. Is Ricky Smith y Majic go to play in Fl.

  5. do your plans include Idaho on your tour? if when, where,
    I am very happy to know that la Movida and Majic are together on this tour.
    you can also find me face book.
    Thank you.

  6. Ricky Smith is now planning to update his Live tour to include both LaMovida and “Majic”!

    Coming Soon!

  7. p.s the videos are on my website yet are on you tube..thanks again ….Ricky

  8. just wanted to thank Gringa’s Tejano Blog for thinking of me and supporting my music! Tejano is Top! thanks again… please feel free to let me know if you want mp,3 of my songs …My singles are “Adios Adios” and “Movida Freak Popurri”…I will send them to you….also I am happy to say my old friend Frank Francisco Garcia has uploaded some rare videos of Movida in Detroit from 1995…..Ricky Smith

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