Fantasia…The new CD by Elida Reyna y Avante will be in stores on March 23,2010

Check out the video for an interview with Elida and a preview of the CD.

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8 responses to “Fantasia…The new CD by Elida Reyna y Avante will be in stores on March 23,2010

  1. Is the new CD by Elida Reyna y Avante: Fantasia, going to be released on DVD? Since is a Live cd, it should also be on DVD, so we can really enjoy it, let us know! and continue with the good work! Kudos to Elida y Avante for that great new song and video: PLAYA DEL SOL, of her latest album, Fantasia.

  2. quit complaining. tejano is trulu a dying breed of music. only the few hardcore fans will continue to keep it on life support. Tejano was never able to succeed because of ALL the greed in the industry…most by our OWN people. so good luck to elida on her future ventures and keep supporting.

  3. Elida Reyna should be on mainstream all over the U.S. however, due to the corrupt radio stations and program directors that continue to accept “payola”, we can expect to hear her songs through a cheap rendition and interpretation al el estilo duranguenze. It is time we, as Tejano music enthusiasts put a stop to this and demand that our singers and performers be heard. The Tejano genre will always continue to grow and it will always be hear because, artists like Elida continue to stride for the best. Let us support the Onda by not buying pirated CD’s, by joining forces and holding Tejano festivals, dances and concerts. I don’t know if anyone noticed, but on Premio Lo Nuestro (Univision) did not include any Tejano acts in their award shows. But, that’s alright, I believe Tejano is in a class of it’s own y tienen miedo que tumben el mugrero que llaman duranquenze, which all it is, it’s banda with a keyboard, wow…… how innovative is that?

  4. i know that this cd Fantisia will bring Elida&Her band many awards in the near future i cannot wait until i listen to it. it is going to be awsome.

  5. i have heard a few of the songs and they are bad ass

  6. I hope this effort garners her another Grammy nomination. Maybe a woman will win it this time.

  7. this one coming out and the one by the tejano boys on the same day both by freddie records

  8. Man o man this CD is gonna be the best yet I think. I heard the new single and it is simply amazing and what Tejano music needs. I cannot wait to buy the CD!

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