(UPDATED)Tejano Cruise 2011 (2 cruises sold out, there is now aTejano Cruise THREE for 2011 …)

Wow this sounds like fun!

UPDATE (3-13-2010) :  SOLD OUT !!!!!!!

UPDATE 3-26-2010) Sold out? maybe not…

UPDATE 9-18-2010  I’ve noticed that I’m getting a LOT of hits on this post that I posted months ago. KEEP CHECKING THE TEJANO CRUISE WEBSITE BY CLICKING ON THE IMAGE BELOW.  Since I first posted about this, 2 cruises have sold out and a 3rd one has been added, so anyone surfing in on this old post PLEASE go to the Tejano Cruise WEBSITE.

Click on the image to go to the website for more info

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26 responses to “(UPDATED)Tejano Cruise 2011 (2 cruises sold out, there is now aTejano Cruise THREE for 2011 …)

  1. If you were told that Tejano Cruise was overbooked and never given a refund, go to Facebook and look for C.A.S.A group. There are others that want to hear your story and information.

  2. my name is ericka ramirez and im interested in a tejano cruise my email address iseramirez098@yahoo.com

  3. Put me on the list for the next tejano mix!

  4. please sent me info on your next tejano crusies.

  5. please keep me posted for next cruise!!!!!!!!!!!!!! unnn gritoooooo!!!

  6. A few more spots remain for Tejano Cruise #3…. go to http://www.tejanocruise.com or to http://www.soundwavecruises.com for the latest!

  7. I need more information on Tejano Cruise For February 13, 2011

  8. THIS JUST IN….. On Sept. 17, 2010, Tejano Cruise along with Soundwave Cruises will begin their PRE-LAUNCH ticket sale for TEJANO CRUISE #3…. Complete band line-up, dates and priuces to be released on TEJANOCRUISE Facebook and on http://www.tejanocruise.com. Already confirmed on TEJANO CRUISE #3 are: La Sombra de Tony Guerrero, Jaime Y Los Chamacos, Los TexManiacs, Eddie Gonzalez, Kumbia Kingz featuring DJ Kane and Emilio Navaira!!! This promises to be a HISTORICAL CRUISE!!! Again, more information coming on our website!!!

  9. martin/juanita reyes

    my wife wants to go on a cruise and what better way to go with all the tejanos. put us on the list. please.

  10. Please visit our website at http://www.tejanocruise.com for our Tejano Cruise #2 with music from Da Krazy Pimpz, Eddie Gonzalez, Jaime Y Los Chamacos, La Tropa F and Jay Perez….. You may call our office at 210-724-1697 for tickets. As of May 6, 2010, we still have tickets available.

  11. Sorry folks, I am not affiliated with Tejano Cruise 2011, I’m just passing on information that I found elsewhere on the WWW.

    You need to go to the link I posted (by clicking on the image) and then go to the “this just in” to see if you can still get in on the Jan 2011 cruise or get on the waiting list for the summer 2011 cruise, or just click on the link below:


  12. add me to the waiting list..got about 4 more thanks…

  13. Please add my name to the waiting list

  14. Please add my name to the Tejano Cruise waiting list.

  15. Please add my name to wait list for Tejano Cruise 2011.

  16. I meet you guys @ the Fan Fare and I want to sign up to be on the waiting list for when you guys open up more tickets I meet you with Leticia Loza I will be with thier group from phx ariz I thought I was signed up but I guess it didnt go thru email me or call me @ 623 221 8421 thank you .. Patsy

  17. Just heard about it. Can we please have more information? Price? Where to sign up. Please reply ASAP we want to get in on the cruise. A dream come true!!!!!

    • Sorry Lupita, The link upposed to take you to the website. It’s corrected now, BUT it looks like it’s too late. I’d go ahead and check the “This just in” and give it a try to see if they will accept your booking, and if not at least you can get on the waiting list for the summer 2011 cruise.

    • Lupita, I just checked the “this just in” section of their website and it looks like there may still be tickets available for the Jan 2011 cruise, check it out at :

      You need to go to this link:


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