Emilio’s interview on KXTN…..

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I wasn’t able to catch the entire interview, but it was great to hear his voice on the radio. He was cutting up with Raulito and KXTN’s Jonny Ramirez when I logged on and sounded pretty much like himself. He acknowledged that his memory was not yet 100%. He talked about how his sons Emilio IV and Diego are now with the band, he mentioned that Julian Escobedo was back, (I got interrupted and didn’t hear who else). He talked about the performing at upcoming benefit concert for the Montemayor family in Poteet, (The United Music Festival in Poteet, TX 7-18-2010), and how important it was to him to be there for Oscar and the family.

I was reallly amazed that he sounded so good. I know someone who suffered a similar head injury , who has been through a longer rehab than Emilio has, who is nowhere near where Emilio is in his recovery (and probably never will be).  It is truly a miracle that Emilio has come this far. While I was praying for a full recovery, I really had my doubts that he would be able to perform again.

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