Chaos on the carpet with A.B. (via Tejano Beat)

AB owes Tejano Beat an apology. (When you go into Tejano Beat , check out all the positive coverage TB has given him for the past 2 years). Of course, we all know AB doesn’t apologize no matter how wrong he is. TB gives AB the benefit of the doubt saying that he must been having an off day. I don’t think so, just typical AB being AB. Go to TB to read all about it and watch the video of his rude behaviour.

I’m slowly getting around to editing and uploading the videos from the Tejano Music Awards – yes, more than two weeks later, I know – but this particular video is timely because of the release on July 27 of A.B. Quintanilla’s latest CD, “La Vide de un Genio.” His CD features an all-star lineup and that’s fitting, too, as it appears his group is now going by simply “All Starz.” Anyway, we approached A.B. on the red carpet at the 30th Annual Tejano … Read More

via Tejano Beat

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