New Tejano Station in the RGV

Que Pasa has changed formats, BUT there is a new Tejano Station in the RGV, Super Tejano 102.1.

Border Media launches the Rio Grande Valley’s newest station, “Super Tejano — Where Tejano Lives,” replacing Rhythmic Country KPRR-FM on 102.1 and Adult Hits KZSP-FM on 95.3. The station began broadcasting its new Tejano format on August 15 and targets Adults 25-54

Read more via RADIO ONLINE ®.

Click on the image to go to Super Tejano's Facebook page


13 responses to “New Tejano Station in the RGV

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  2. please send me email to send you my songs for your station please right back soon

  3. Hello I am a winter Texan from Michigan. I was listening to your radio station today 2/10/13 around 5pm and you were playing The Low Rider song de War. Can you tell me who was the singer doing it tex mex style? Thank you. Unfortunately I am here till the 28th of this month.


  4. I really want to know the name of the song that was playing today about 8:15am about a man that is dying and doesn’t want anybody to cry for him at his funiral, but to be happy and remember him always. It touched my heart so much that I broke down and crying because it reminded me of my father.

    • Sounds like the song from Grupo Mazz,( Que Me Lleven Canciones) This song was played for my brother at his funeral,It hits you right in the heart when you hear this song

  5. I was wanting to know that songs name if this some that was played today at 9:04 its a man that talks about his relationship with his wife but how he won’t give up cause of there kids. POR ELLOS. I want to know who sings and what’s the songs actual name. Thank you!

  6. i want to know the phone number to the station can someone give the #please

  7. Looking for Mr. Ni Fu Ni Fa’s email address. I know its Hugo (something) What is it???

  8. Thanx for the music! Im 26 and a huge fan of tejano music. Alot of the music u play takes me back to my childhood n brings back many memories. Thanx again for bringing tejano back.

  9. Richard Villalon

    thank u 102.1 for bringing tejano music back to life we are so happy tobe able to listen to our tejano artist again arriva la nusica tejana forever thx u for making the valley proud.

  10. Thank goodness and Screw 99.5FM.

  11. Mary E. Gonzalez

    Thank u all for some REAL music…The tejano music shouldn’t EVER be overtaken by norteno music!!!!!!!!!! The tejano was here first created by some awesome artist…and we should be proud of our music husband and I are so excited to say the list and thankful u brought back our kind of oldies but goodies songs… we heard the station playing tejano music … we sang, we went down memory lane …and of course we could FINALLY dance to good wholesome music…keep pumping out those tejano artists…Keep On Rocking TEJANO MUSIC THAT WILL LIVE FOREVER…

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