Hi, I just started this blog.  I was having so much fun blogging on my new La Mafia blog that I thought I’d start a Tejano one.   It may take me a while to get around to updating this page, so in the meantime you can go to the “about” section of my La Mafia Blog @



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  1. Easter Seals Central Texas presents its first annual Dia de los Muertos Festival, to be held from Noon until 10:00 p.m., Saturday, October 19, 2013 at Fiesta Gardens. This unique festival features a full day Dia los Muertos cultural experience with live music, performances, art, costume contest, food & drink. The event features Tejano inspired musical performances by artists including Little Joe y La Familia, TexManiacs featuring Augie Meyer, Flaco Jimenez and Rick Trevino, DaHeBeGeBees, Los Autenticos, El Tule, Este Vato and more. The festival is also proud to celebrate the 73rd birthday of Grammy winner, Jose Maria De Leon Hernandez “Little Joe,” a legend in Tejano music and leader of the band Little Joe y la Familia. The festival features fun and excitement for the entire family as well as a Niños Zone with safe entertainment and activities for children of all ages and abilities. There will also be a Los Muertos costume parade, face painting in traditional styles for all ages, commemorative altars by local artists and merchandise evoking the spirit of the holiday. Early bird tickets are $15, $20 after 9/16 and $25 at the door.

  2. Contact me if you are interested in buying a T-shirt. The T-shirts say
    100% Tejano. I can send you a pic.

  3. Good Afternoon, my name is Rudy Garza and I perform, arrange and produce music for TRADICION CARRANZA who used to be Los Formales de Cali Carranza. We are promoting two new singles and we are sending them to all the radio stations we can…Let me know where I can send them.
    Rudy M Garza Jr

  4. Can I know where can I go for some tickets for gaslight on Thursday

  5. what is the phone # to the station?

  6. Hey gringita, are you by any chance on facebook? Just here looking for mafia fans on facebook. eljimmy70@hotmail.com

    Jimmy 🙂

  7. need a phone number to call for a ad. or call me 262-4698

  8. what bands are playng August 5,6,7th 2011

    can someone let me know what bands are playin in Racine mexican Fiesta first week of August

    • what bands are playng August 5,6,7th 2011

      can someone let me know what bands are playin in Racine mexican Fiesta first week of Augustn fiesta , but where do i check?

  9. Just wanted to say you have an awesome site and was wondering how we could be added to your list of Tejano Online Radio stations. We are based in Phoenix, AZ. and quickly refreshing the Tejano Music scene with the latest music from Texas. Feel free to check us Out at http://www.TejanoView.net
    Muschas Gracias, Dj Stixx TejanoView.net

  10. Saint Charles, MO (CCHWNN) February 28th, 2011 – The [Chicano Cable Hot Wired News Network] has interviewed Mary Margaret Park for “Donde Voy Estar”, her Tejano (ballroom polka) styled recording, available as a free and paid title, direct from Mary’s website and various others. (The interview, conducted by CCHWNN’s “Santa Cecilia La Que Canta”, is a blast of Chicano humor, layered with the encouragement to keep “La Onda Tejana” strong and forward moving) — Don’t miss out; head on over to [Conjunto Is Life] and read all about it…


  11. can i have permission to post only interview on here. thanks.

  12. Just wanted to let you know that we have a great line up comming up.. This Saturday Grupo Crisol, Christmas Party with Stampede and New Years Eve For the first time in Dallas its Lobo IV
    http://www.loboiv.com.. Kicking of the new year strong Jan 2nd its Tex Mex Kadillacs.. Hope to see you there for flyer let me know mannybazan@yahoo.com

  13. Do you know the dates of the Tejano convention? Latin Point is the producer. They started in Las Vegas 5 years ago or so, it was in Dallas last year. I heard it was going to be in San Antonio this year? I know it is usually in the month of August. I would appreciate your help.

    • Just read on Facebook (posted to someone who was listening to the interview with David Chavez of Latin Point) that the 2010 convention in San Antonio is going to be from July 9 throuh the 11th. That’s all lI know so far

  14. Dallas Ft.Worths New Tejano Club

    With DJ Manny B from Mega1075.com

  15. good job with anything that has to do with tejano music and our raza, I also started a tejano radio show in greeley colorado , tejano music will never die with persons like you, keep it up, also if you know of any clubs that want to bring tejano bands please let me know , Im looking into bringing tejano to colorado at least the norther part agian thank you for what your doing [ viva la raza]

  16. is the carshow indoors

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