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An example of one of the more polite suggestions I have recieved during my almost 10 years in the Tejano Internet Community

An example of one of the more polite suggestions I have recieved during my almost 10 years in the Tejano Internet Community

If you have some constructive suggestions for things you’d like to see here on this blog, post them in the comment section.

55 responses to “Suggestion Box

  1. artemio saenz

    The lady in the afternoons,talks too much during the music..
    We want to hear the music not her voice
    I understand the commercials pay for the music, pero Fastidia Mucho

  2. I really enjoy your website. I like Tejano music and do my part to keep it active by buying Tejano CD’s at Walmart or downloading Tejano songs or albums on Google Play & going to live shows. Can your website be updated more often to keep up with new Tejano albums or upcoming Tejano shows.

  3. There is a new Tejano and Country Nightclub opening up October 11th, 2012 in El Paso, Texas called “TEXAS ROSE” located at 1840 N. Lee Trevino in the Vista Hills Shopping Center. We will be having Tejano Nights every Thursday and Country and Tejano Saturdays and Sundays as well as Live Music. For more info check out the website For bookings contact the General Manager Mark Nunez at (915)255-7048. Hope to see each and everyone of you all out there. 🙂

  4. We have a huge Tejano event coming up at the Ft Worth Convention Center April 21, 2001. It is called presented by Gloves & Guitars and the Paulie Ayala Foundation, called The Tejano Throwdown. It Features 8 Pro boxing matches with a concert following featuring Michael Salgado, Siggno, and Elida Reyna! If you are interested contact me and I will send you a poster for your blog. We are updating our website now for another reference for you.

  5. Hey fellow Gringa,

    I just wanted to request you add Rancho Alegre Radio to a couple of your categories. We are an online radio station out of Austin that also does interviews with artists, music reviews and a variety of other things, including a Tejano/Conjunto events calendar for the Austin-San Marcos area. We post our mixes to YouTube as well. We specialize in rare, out of print and hard to find Tejano and Conjunto, and we play stuff you won’t hear anywhere else.

    Please stop by our website and check us out:

    Thank you so much and keep up the great work!
    –Piper LeMoine
    Rancho Alegre Radio

  6. New Online: Colorado’s New Mexico and Tejano Music Events. One Site. All Bands. One Calendar. is a non-profit site dedicated to increase public awareness for the music and traditions you love!,

    • Thanks for the info Fred. I’ve posted a blog with the link and also added the link on the sidebar under “Other Tejano Websites”. Sorry that I am just now noticing your post, for some reason the emails that I recieve to notify me of any comments have been going into my spam and I didn’t notice it until today.

  7. Can you please remove all the old posts since most do not provide the year of the event and it get Corn-fusing. Thx.

  8. Dear Friends,
    Welcome to the 5th annual Tejano Conjunto Festival in Sacramento California. This music festival has become the favorite destination point for Tejano music aficionados from around the nation. We are proud to say that the Sacramento community hosts this very popular and exciting festival. We are pleased to announce that we have expanded the festivities to three-days with four events. The key dates for these years’ festivities are:

     Friday September 2, 2011
    Meet and Greet free
    Location (TBA) 8:00 – 10:00 pm
     Saturday September 3, 2011
    Kickoff party/Dance
    Sheraton Grand Hotel, J St Sacramento 8:30 – 12:00 pm
     Sunday September 4, 2011
    Fifth Annual Tejano Conjunto Festival
    Cesar Chavez Plaza, J St Sacramento 2;00 – 9:30 pm
     Sunday September 4, 2011
    After Party at Sheraton Grand Hotel September 4, 2011
    From 10:00 -12:00 am

  9. Hi , check out this new up and coming artist from San Antonio, TX. La Tejanita Marisa Cortez she is amazing even at the young age of 10! Check out her videos from the July 4th weekend celebration at San Antonio Market Square.

  10. I just wanted to say thank you for letting your audience know about Tejano Cruise. We are on our THIRD cruise now and close to selling out. If anyone needs ANY info on tickets, please go to our new website, or you can still find us at Scheduled to perform on the ship are: Albert Zamora, Jaime Y Los Chamacos, Los TexManiacs, La Sombra, Ruben Ramos and Emilio Naviara! Please don’t wait because we are close to another record sell out!!!

  11. Gringz,

    Do you know of anywhere around utah or surrounding states where tejano bands come to play?


    • Hi Rich,
      Well w/o looking at each artists tour dates I’m not going to say that Tejano artists never tour in Utah. I would venture to guess that it is a rarity, and that your best bet in seeing a Tejano Act in Utah would be at an event where Tejanos are performing with other Regional Mexican Acts. La Mafia performed in Salt Lake City earlier this year with some big name Gruperos, they were the only Tejanos on the bill. Now in neighboring states, NV has Tejano Events from time to time in Vegas (and casinos in other cities ), and AZ has an active Tejano Scene, you might try Tejano Mike’s board (The Tejano Awarness Board at for info about events in AZ .

  12. Gringz,
    1st I just wanted to say thanks for having posted our video “Te Quiero” on your site. I send you much love. Keep up the great work…

    Tu Amigo,
    Carlos Rodriguez

    Carlos Y Los Cachorros 10th album “180” is now in stores featuring 17 songs! Visit one of their websites to listen to the New Album, watch their most recent Music Video, view pics, and get the latest news and tour dates…
    Be sure to visit them at:

  13. Do you know where I can take Tejano dance lessons?

  14. visit and also youtube This little girl has done so much at such a young age.. she is our future and she loves Tejano Music.. From Performing with Legends such as RAM/JIMMY EDWARDS/ROGER VELASQUEZ in New Mexico this past week-end. to walking the Red Carpet at the Music Awards and performing as the only kid at the Tejano Convention. So Please support our youth…

  15. Hi, wanted to share a couple of youtube video performances of my 9 year old grand daughter at the Cattleman Square Tejano Explosion in San Antonio, TX during Fiesta 2010, performing to Selena. She loves Tejano Music, folks are calling her “Little Selena”. = )


  16. Please check out our Tejano Cruise #2 already in full swing. Line up includes: Da Krazy Pimpz, Eddie Gonzalez, Jaime Y Los Chamacos, Jay Perez and La Tropa F…. January 27th to January 31st…. You can call 210-724-1697 for tickets or go to for more information.

  17. Gringz,

    Are you in the Picture on your main page image? The one on the header area? It looks like your blonde hair, and blue blouse. Is that you on the right, there?

    Just wondering.


  18. Hey, Gringz!

    Haya doing? Just wondering of you read all the comments on your site, here. I left a comment about you PATSY TORRES VIDEO. Hope you get to see it.


  19. hey Gringa,
    how r ya?
    i wanted to inquire how our band “Creacion” can be added to your pages band links in the margin of your page? I put our website info on here for you.
    Any reply is appreciated.
    Erick Jaye (lead vocalist for creacion)

  20. Gringz:

    Thank you for posting the Delia and Emma video last month. We have much more to the story and a print and video interview up with Delia, where she reveals what she’s doing next. Any mention you can give it on your blog is much appreciated.

  21. Here is a video I posted of Max Baca and David Farias + la gente de San Antonio Texas

  22. Greetings from Smithsonian Folkways Recordings the nonprofit record label of the national museum of the United States

    On June 30th, Smithsonian Folkways released “Borders Y Bailes” by Los Texmaniacs. We would like your help in spreading the word by writing a review of the album on your blog. If you are interested I can send you a physical promo and/or a link to our e-press kit for the album.


  23. Shelly Lares New YouTube page

  24. Could ya’ll post our site.
    Joel Guzman
    Accordion player

    • Joel it is an honor to have you visit my site. I have already added your link on the sidebar under “official Artist Sites” and also added a blog featuring your new CD with a link to your site and your MySpace.

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  27. Gringa, I have posted a video from the Conjunto Heritage Taller at Maverick Plaza in San Antonio on July 25 2009

  28. Shelly Lares,is working on a new website,

  29. This is a cool Tejano website ,internet Radio,Show.Thanks,

  30. TEJANO SOUND BAND coming to East Chicago| East Chicago, Indiana
    Club Ki-Yowga in East Chicago, located at 5220 Indianapolis Blvd. now has tickets available for their August 29th Tejano Night event. Cost is $20.00 per person. Doors open at 7pm with local Dj Lupe “Shades Of Time” Mendoza mixing till 9 p.m. A premier Tejano act from Lansing Michigan, properly titled “Tejano Sound Band”, will perform from 9pm – 1am. Tickets are limited and now available. No children please, must be 21 or older. Rain or shine, this is an outdoor event.
    Security provided by E.C.P.D.
    FYI| 219-398-1108

  31. I thought that you may be kind enough to let everyone know about the Mothers Day Celebration we are having a Spencers Corner (next to Ridgmar Mall). There are four bands and all for a $10.00 cover charge! The lineup is Latin Express, Alfonso Ramos, Jimmy Edward and Sunny Ozuna! The party starts at 8 pm!

    • Brandie, thanks fot the info, I have posted the information on the blog with a whole bunch of tags, LOL I even tagged Jimmy Edward AND Jimmy Edwards for folks who might be looking for him that way.

      I have also added Spencers Corner to my links under Tejano Venues (and Venues that bring Tejanos)

  32. (((Hey-Hey)).! Gringa,
    Thanks for visiting my Tejano Rush H.O.T. News Message Board.! C-ya Later.! Keep in Touch… Take good Care.!


  33. I just got my new polka music catalog. On the front page is Paulino Bernal’s new CD. I plan to call and order it tomorrow.

  34. Also, I noticed the information on the new Paulino Bernal recording. I am at work, so I am going to try to sample the album.

  35. I just did a search on “Tejano Awareness Board”. It appears TAB II, the sequel has arrived. I wonder if registration is required.

    • Yes registration is required. I was still registered from last year but forgot my password, had to do one of those “forgot your pasword?” thingys. I haven’t posted anything in there yet.

  36. I happened upon your website while searching for the Tejano Awareness Board, which still appears to be defunct. I always enjoyed corresponding with you on the old TAB.

    • Hey Dave , thanks for dropping by, I’ve always enjoyed corresponding with you as well. Hope you noticed my post about Paulino Bernal’s CD .

      Looks like the Tejano Awareness Board is coming back online Tomorrow March 9!

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