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Check out this You Tube video from Tejano Cruise #1

Looks like folks are having a lot of fun….

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(UPDATED)Tejano Cruise 2011 (2 cruises sold out, there is now aTejano Cruise THREE for 2011 …)

Wow this sounds like fun!

UPDATE (3-13-2010) :  SOLD OUT !!!!!!!

UPDATE 3-26-2010) Sold out? maybe not…

UPDATE 9-18-2010  I’ve noticed that I’m getting a LOT of hits on this post that I posted months ago. KEEP CHECKING THE TEJANO CRUISE WEBSITE BY CLICKING ON THE IMAGE BELOW.  Since I first posted about this, 2 cruises have sold out and a 3rd one has been added, so anyone surfing in on this old post PLEASE go to the Tejano Cruise WEBSITE.

Click on the image to go to the website for more info

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