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Fiesta Racine 2011 set for August 12, 13 and 14…

I see from my site stats that a lot of people have been surfing into last year’s post for information on this event.  From what I’m seeing on the poster, it looks like they are calling it Fiesta Racine this year instead of Fiesta Mexicana….


The new single from Oscar’s upcoming solo album is now available on iTunes! (via Gringz’s La Mafia Weblog)

The new single from Oscar's upcoming solo album is now available on iTunes! Oscar’s Solo album will be released around the end of this year or early next year. (And no he is not leaving La Mafia) … Read More

via Gringz’s La Mafia Weblog

UPDATE: La Mafia’s CD “La Mafia Live in the 80s” will be in stores on 9-6-2011 (via Gringz’s La Mafia Weblog)

Updated to reflect the change in release date…
The CD will also be available on iTunes