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You Tube Find: Polka, Roots of Accordion Playing in South Texas….

This was filmed in 1986:

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Two BIG South Texas Festivals coming up this month (Feb 2010), Jalepeno Festival in Laredo , Sombrero Fest in Brownsville…

Dual Headliners (Duelo and La Mafia)  at the Jalapeno Festival in Laredo on Saturday  


Click on the image for more information


Click on image for more info

Click on image for more info

Duelo, La Mafia, Kevin Fowler to headline at Sombrero Fest in Brownsville, 2-25-2010 through 2-27-2010


This time La Mafia and Duelo will be appearing on separate nights, Duelo on Thursday Feb 25, La Mafia on Friday , Feb 26, and on the third night Sat, Feb 27, country artist, Kevin Fowler will head the lineup with Elida Reyna playing right before him.
Other Tejanos in the 3 day lineup include , Chente Barrera, Michael Salgado , Albert Zamora and Joe B and the Barron Band. Click on the Sombrero Fest logo for the complete lineuup and more information about the festival.

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Bobby Pulido’s Latest Video “Dias de Ayer”

To say that Bobby’s latest video is a little different would be an understatement. 😉   It sure is getting a lot of comments on You Tube.

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Fantasia…The new CD by Elida Reyna y Avante will be in stores on March 23,2010

Check out the video for an interview with Elida and a preview of the CD.

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Selena Gomez pays tribute to her namesake at the San Antonio Rodeo

In a recent performance at the San Antonio Rodeo, Disney Teen star, Selena Gomez (who was named after Selena Quintanilla), sang “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom”. There are several videos on You Tube, below are a couple of them from different angles.

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Ricky Smith planning a comeback with a “2010 Life Tour” and a new CD…..

Since I only stumbled onto the Tejano Scene in late 1994,  I never had a chance to see Ricky Smith and La Movida.  I remember back in the mid 90s the song “Cada Noche” was a big hit on KICK FM in Dallas, and asking a friend what CD that song was on because I really liked the song and wanted to hear more about what that band sounded like and being told that it wasnt a new song, and since I wasnt online back then, I had no way to research it.    

Well, Ricky Smith is back in Corpus and planning a tour.  Click on the image below  to visit his website , where you can listen to some clips and read his bio (its quite impressive) .

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Abilene’s Tejano Station, KJTZ, now adding Country to the mix…

According to the article in Abilene Reporter News they are playing a 75/25 ratio of Tejano to Mainstream Country, and it seems to be going over very well with the fans.  Click HERE to read the article.

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